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Campaign "You are the key! Open Buzludzha!” 2023
Purpose: Opening for visitors

After the successful implementation of the project for "Securing the monument and providing temporary visitor access", the campaign continues in 2023 until the monument is open to visitors. These are the upcoming activities:

  1. Creating a narrative for the Buzludzha visitors
  2. Building a team and training staff and tourguides
  3. Coordination of a new management structure for Buzludzha monument
  4. Site preparations for public opening after the winter season
  5. Drafting an assignment for the roof design and preparing funding applications

Every donation is precious to us and helps achieve these goals.
If you wish to be amongst the first honorary visitors of Buzludzha and become our key partner with a donation of over BGN 6,000, learn more here.

Campaign "You are the key! Open Buzludzha!” 2022 successfully completed!
 Objective: Securing the monument

Thanks to the donation campaign, the following activities were successfully carried out in 2022:

  1. Project design for "Securing the monument and providing temporary visitor access" and successful application for funding from the Ministry of Culture
  2. Organizing the first safe visit to Buzludzha on 09.12.2022 for over a 100 guests
  3. Structural survey of the metal roof construction
  4. Preparation of a "Culture for Cultural Heritage '' project proposal and a successful application to the National Cultural Fund, funding the cultural calendar of the foundation, including the grand opening expected in 2023.


Thanks to the funding received from the Ministry of Culture in 2022, we were able to secure the building by dismantling the dangerous elements from the roof and cleaning the accessible areas; carry out conservation works including the study of the dome mosaic and emergency measures; provision of visitor access by securing visitor control, construction of temporary visitor pathways, providing visitor information.


We are grateful to all key donors who already joined the 2022 campaign:


In the "Bronze key" category

  • Dr. Konstantin Stoichkov
  • Peter Totev
  • HTI Bulgaria


In the category "Iron key"


  • Ivan Neshev and Smail Alimov
  • Margarita Pavlova
  • Dr. Ivan Doshkov
  • Baumit Bulgaria
  • RPHI
“adopt a mosaic” campaign 2021 was completed successfully ”Осинови мозайка” Завърши успешно
Thanks to everyone who supported us!

Аll the mosaics from the outer ring of the monument have been adopted! This made it possible to build a protective shelter over the entire mosaic ring.


Our sincere thanks to the 10 adopters who saved the mosaics from the decay:


  • arch. Georgi Stoilov, architect of Buzludzha monument
  • Galina Stoyanova, Mayor of Kazanlak Municipality
  • Dr. Konstantin Yordanov Stoichkov, Brussels
  • lawyer Roman Zhelev and Dr. Antonia Bozukova, Kazanlak
  • M + S Hydraulic, Kazanlak
  • Edelweiss Hotel, near Buzludzha
  • Dimana and Dimitar Shopovi, Sofia
  • Dr. Eng. Krassimira Dimitrova, Sofia
  • Nelly and Adel Zakout, Sofia
  • Dr. Ivan Doshkov, Gabrovo


Our heartfelt thanks to all of you, who supported the "Adopt a Mosaic" campaign with a small or a bigger donation!


Photos: Mariana Stoichkova

adopted mosaics
2020 campaign the first conservation measures for buzludzha

In 2020, thanks to funding from the Getty Foundation, the first emergency activities to stabilize the mosaics at the Buzludzha monument began. The mosaics were stabilized by a team of 18 conservator-restorers from 4 countries, and a protective shelter over the inner ring of mosaics was constructed.


• Buzludzha Project Foundation, arch. Dora Ivanova
• ICOMOS Germany, prof. Jorg Haspel

• Technical University of Munich, Prof. Thomas Danzl
• University of the Arts in Bern, Prof. Jonas Rothers
• National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Prof. Stefan Belishki and Nikifor Haralampiev
• Diadrasis NGO, Athens, Laura Tapini

The Buzludzha Project Foundation is thankful for your support and faith in us!
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